Hello world!

Hiya, howrya?!

After weighing the pros and cons of creating a blog, I’ve decided to take my very own trip through the blogosphere. And thus, Mel’s Kvell is born (I had to add that “kvetch” part onto the title since anyone who knows me knows I tend to veer toward the negative).  And sure, I blog all the time for my job. But posting sarcastic, one-sentence blurbs for silly videos I find online for work is a whole different ballgame than writing personal stuff about myself. So give me time with Mel’s Kvell as I try to find my voice and figure out just what I’d like the rest of the world to know about me and my observations 🙂

On the agenda: We have a cleaning person that comes about once a month (and before you judge us, consider that me and Matt are way over our heads when it comes to Windexing mirrors and degreasing the oven). Anyways, yesterday she comes over and brings her young daughter for the ride. I wasn’t sure if this girl was here to hang out or be put to work and clean any tight spaces, meant especially for a child’s tiny, yet hard-working, hands. It turns out it was the former, and I guess I had to become a babysitter while working from home. I programmed the television for her to watch (while I worked), offered her paper and colored pencils (while I worked), I even lent her my iPad (while I worked) but she lost interest very quickly since I don’t have many kidcentric apps. And as I worked, she found the exact project to curb her boredom: Archie. My poor pup became the target of a 5-year-old hellbent on dissecting and analyzing our golden retriever. Now I think this kid is adorable and we both share the same name, so I automatically a love fellow “Melanie,” but hells no will I let a random child pull my dog’s collar (i.e.  choke Archie) and yank his tail. I don’t care how cute/innocent you are, that don’t fly on my watch. So after a very awkward exchange in my best Spanglish with her mother, Melanie Jr. was told I was “trabajando”ing and should leave me (and my pooch) alone. Luckily, a few minutes later I noticed she fell asleep on our couch while her mom finished vacuuming. Such a relief .. and I believe I speak for myself and Archie.

I guess this parenting/entertaining children business is hard work. And note: Buy some coloring books, stamp pads, stickers, popsicles and a Dora DVD for emergency drop-in visits from people under the age of 10. 🙂


Archie thanks you for reading!


About melskvell

Raising awareness about golden retrievers one puppy at a time!

12 responses to “Hello world!

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  2. Lane

    You are hilarious!! I am going to love reading this!!

  3. Corri Gottesman

    Hi Mel who Kvells,
    Hope it works out with your cleaner and her daughter. I’ll be interested in seeing how your inroads to blogging go. Love, Corri and Diego the dog PS good idea on an emergency child package. I don’t have enough stuff.

  4. betty

    Hilarious, I love it, speaking as bb in charge of 2 boys for the next week…wow, what a challenge. I went to Dollar Tree to stock up.

  5. Nicholyn

    Too funny! I can’t wait to read your next posting!

  6. Scott

    I saw no mention of how you found said maid and what an oustanding job she normally does! Nor any mention of how great and leaf-less your yard probably looks! 🙂

  7. Dana

    I guess this will have to suffice not being able to see you… I’ll take it!

  8. I definitely think you should get some popsicles, and then invite me and Macy over … ?!!

    Love your blog so far! You’re welcome, Archie!

  9. twinstantons

    Reading this made me laugh and was a good way to finish the night. Keep it up

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