My self-hating retriever

Hiya, Howrya?

The best day of the year comes every October, where we all get to dress up, socialize and try some tasty new treats. However, if you think I’m talking about Halloween, you’re sadly mistaken. Goldenrama comes but once a year in October and, as you may have guessed, is a dress-up spectacular reserved for GOLDEN RETRIEVERS! As some of you may know, my family and I are a little obsessed with this breed (hahah, see blog profile image; see blog header image), so this holy day of all days is pretty much my favorite time of the year.

(For those of you who need visuals, check out the wonder that is Goldenrama 2011):

It's how I picture heaven

HOWEVER, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Our dog Archie (who IS, in fact, a golden retriever whether he wants to believe it or not) is a self-hater. Whether or not it’s the combination of being on a leash, wearing his pumpkin costume (c’mon, I had to up the cuteness quotient at an event like this … too much competition) or just the fact that, I believe, he wishes he was a different breed, Archie was sorta the bad kid at recess. Yelling (aka barking) and shoving (aka lunging) at the other kids (aka goldens) and pretty much wreaking havoc during the festival. In fact, we pretty much had to take him to “detention” by sitting alone in a shady spot while the miracle of Goldenrama occured all around me. Now don’t get me wrong, he’s soooooooooooo gentle and loving with any human he sees (and I mean any human, he has no loyalty to his owners); it’s his fellow goldens he has issues with.

Don't let that cute pumpkin exterior fool you...

I hope this self-hatred is just a stage and one day, Archie can be proud to be a golden retriever. He’s part of one the most popular breeds in the U.S., he has amazing role models to look up to (all the Air/Space/Spooky Buddies; Comet from Full House) and his kind is known for their “soft mouths.” Until then, we live with a dog in denial, who sits in your lap like he’s 10 lbs. and doesn’t recognize his reflection in the mirror.
Oh well,I love that little self-hating, four-leg more than life itself.

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One response to “My self-hating retriever

  1. ellen winderlich

    you are so funny and such a good writer – I am visiualize everything as you write it – What’s up with the pup – another joyful golden retriever event that we couldn’t enjoy. Bailey did not want to be there at all – we had to push her out of the car door and pratically hide her. Archie did look cute in this outfit.

    What is a blog and how do I sign up.”

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