My husband, my hero

Hiya, howrya?!

I’m gonna get a little sappy in today’s posting and forgo my usual humor/sarcasm. I’d like to post about someone who totally inspired and impressed me this week: my husband. My guy had a big presentation to do at work yesterday and had been prepping himself for weeks — rehearsed his script, reviewed the powerpoint and considered (then reconsidered) his tie choice about 50 times. In a nutshell, he was nervous. Though I tried to convince him that he’d do fabulous, he was a non-believer. But, I had another card up my sleeve.

We’re both lucky enough to work on the same campus, so yesterday, I sneaked into the meeting and joined the audience during his presentation and got to root him on. After I spotted him wringing his hands and letting his nerves get the better of him, I simply texted that I was sitting in the very back. He looked around for a few seconds and when he saw me, I gave him two big thumbs-up. And that’s when he smiled.

I hope I functioned as some form of human Xanax and willed all of my courage into him. And this is where the title of this post comes from — Matt was fabulous behind that podium!! Sure, he started a bit shaky but who wouldn’t?! One of my big fears is public speaking so I give anyone credit who shuts everything off around them and focuses on the project at hand. He was cool, calm, collected and of course, flashed his charming smile to everyone. I honestly was so proud that as Linda Richman might say, “I was busting!” And as an added bonus, I got to shush some people who were whispering during my hub’s presentation. Sorry, not on my watch. I even took a few photos on my phone which is possibly when I blew my cover as I noticed some people in this business group wondering why the hell some woman was photographing certain speakers (when actually, it was just one) .

Regardless, we should all take the time to show those around us that we care. Sure, public speaking may not be a big deal for one person, but it could be a huge accomplishment for someone else. Even if someone you love successfully (or unsuccessfully) just tries their hand at a new recipe or a DIY project around the house, make sure you spend a few moments showing them respect and some admiration. Trust me, a compliment doesn’t go unnoticed and there’s nothing better than brightening someone else’s day.

Okay, I’ll quit with the mushy stuff and be back to my old snarky ramblings later. I just wanted to take a moment to give the hubs a virtual fist bump and pat-on-the-old-back for doing an amazing job!



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13 responses to “My husband, my hero

  1. Corri Gottesman

    thanks for the sweet reminder, Melanie. I am so glad that Matt did well and it is testament to your relationship that your presence made him feel better. Awesome. My not-so secret help with presentations (all performance anxiety) is propanolol. I take it for my heart, but once I did my performance anxiety changed significantly. It turns out that many, many, musicians take it b/f a presentation. It helps with stage fright signficantly. Your cuz, Corri

  2. Corri Gottesman

    ps I like your tag line “aiming for the positives, trying to ignore the negatives. I think that thinking negatively vs. positively is a historic (i.e. read genetic — and learned) issue/trait in our family. Think your grandma and my grandmother, of blessed memories, in a restaurant. If you’ve never had the experience… ask your mom about it. And I write that with lots of love and laughter… it’s literally part of my DNA.

  3. matt preis

    I wish you could see my face when I read this. You’re amazing. Now how to wake you from the couch…

  4. Steph | glitter and goat cheese

    Awww, sweetest post ever! Sending Matt another virtual fist bump. 🙂

  5. Brendon

    Matt is da man. I hope you guys come in for thanksgiving so I can show him up on the basketball court. He needs to be knocked down a little after this excellent presentation. I enjoy your blog Mel.


  6. Shayna

    I loved that Mel! You are an amazing writer!

  7. LisaStanton

    go matt!!! and go mealy for supporting him!

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