Turkeys of the Desert

Hiyah, howrya?!

Finally the day of gluttony and gratitude is upon us. Because today also happens to be my anniversary, I gotta give a quick shoutout to my hubs before I forget. I can’t believe it’s been 4 years — where does the time go?!

So what to talk about on this Day of Thanks? I’m in Az celebrating with many if my family and friends. First on the list was to visit the old Alma mater, UofA. Let me say, there’s nothing like walking around your old college campus with a big pregnant belly. I served as a walking, talking cautionary tale for any of those dumb co-eds. You never feel as old and fat as when you take a trip to your collegiate stomping ground.

Pretty much we did a foodies tour of Tucson — and trust me, I’m not complaining. I practically inhaled my Beyond Bread sandwich (Annie’s Addiction is still as good as I remember). Brooklyn Pizza, Casa Molina even the student union tastes better when you’re not worrying about finals, annoying dormmates, and the bursar’s office.

(The remnants of my sandwich … Hehe not much left)

And now I’m back in PTown with the best pups in the world (minus Archie). I get to snuggle with my third sister, Bailey, and if course, my parents as well. I’ve decided that the Winderlich clan is unofficial farm folk. It’s a better coping mechanism since we all wake up before sunrise. There’s something strangely comforting and unsettling when I come home and both my parents are up, just like me, at 5am. If only we had something to harvest or shear so that our insomnia could really be put to good use. Instead, I just go on Facebook or re-read all the magazines I brought on the plane.

20111124-090045.jpgThis is Bailey the Cute!

Either way, it’s great to be home with my family!! Hope you all have a very happy, healthy Thanksgiving!!

(Here I am after we sneaked into the Social Sciences lecture hall. I’m doing best impersonation of an overachieving student (if you know me, you probably know this is pose isn’t really a stretch…I thrive off teacher’s praise)).


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One response to “Turkeys of the Desert

  1. Corri Gottesman

    Have a great T-giving. I really thought about coming to be with you all for this Thanksgiving, but alas, it was not meant to be!

    You look great…. what a funny pic of you with your hand up. A teacher’s dream!

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