Oh baby!

Hiyah, howrya?!

This isn’t going to be a long post but it will have pictures! First off, I wanted to say a big thank you to my parents, sisters and friend Shayna for throwing me such an amazing West Coast baby shower! I know it’s not a traditional event to have for Jewish moms-to-be but, living on the East/South(?) coast makes it hard to celebrate important moments with some very close people on the other side of the country. It’s tough not having my family be a part of every daily occurrence of this pregnancy so it was nice to share this together. They did a FABULOUS job and I’m so thankful and appreciative of their hard work. And on that note (and I’ll post photos once I find my camera in my luggage), I wanted to thank everyone who was able to come!! As some of you may know, I don’t do well when the attention is on me, so I’m so glad we could have a laid-back party with some of my favorite AZ peeps in the building. The little bambina had fun as well!! (Formal thank-yous to follow 🙂 )

Even my dogs got into the baby shower spirit! Here are Bailey and Scottie about to take a sip from their botty (heheh, you think I’m the only dog-crazy Winderlich but as you’ll notice, that’s my dad holding the bottle)

Uh-oh, who's gonna burp these guys?!

And here’s the two rascally rabbits enjoying the balmy fall weather:

Bailey, my third sister, enjoys baseball in the park!

It's tough for Scottie to beg for food all day!

So when I got back to Atlanta, I had the dreaded glucose-tolerance test awaiting me at my next doc appointment. Can I just say that people who say “It isn’t that bad!” either are flat-out liars or they enjoy guzzling Tang with an added 4 cups of sugar. Sure, if you enjoy Pixie Sticks as part of your condiment selection then drinking this solution is a pretty delicious experience. But for everyone else…it’s not fun. First off, here’s what the innocuous stuff looks like to give you a reference:

The juice from Hell

Here’s how the test went for me: I tried to follow the instructions and get the whole thing down within 5 minutes. At minute 6, i still had a quarter of the solution left so it was hustle time. I powered through the liquid quickly bubbling up my esophagus and pretended I was back in college, doing shots of anything other than cracked-out Hi-C. I ran to the OB and waited for my blood test (and no, I didn’t exactly disclose that the drink actually took me 9 minutes to get down….shhh, that’ll be our little secret). With one quick prick, the fate of my tastebuds fell in the hands of my nurse. If I didn’t pass, this drink would somehow have to be digested once again so I willed that glucose reading to stay in range. And drum roll please….I PASSED! Sure, the nurse probably performs this test like 10 times a day but at that moment, it was just me and her in the room. My friendly angel in scrubs!

After that, awaiting my exam, I felt giddy with happiness (and a bottle’s-worth of sugar coursing through my veins)! I had to capture the moment with my iPhone, even if that involved snapping a shot of an empty exam room and my feet 🙂 So if you’ve never visited an OB, here’s your first look …

That's me, still excited from passing my test!

So in other words, big events happening this season! I know this posting was a bit scattered but I really just wanted to add a post 🙂 Hope everyone continues to have an enjoyable holiday season! Thanks for reading!



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One response to “Oh baby!

  1. Corri Gottesman

    Hi Mel,

    so glad your shower to AZ and shower went well and you had a great time. I’m glad your family was able to do something special with you during your pregnancy. I really wanted to go, but unfortunately couldn’t. So I was there in spirit!

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