Hee, hee, hee, hooo

Hiyah, howrya?!

This isn’t going to be a long post but wanted to check in and say hello. Yesterday we spent 8 grueling hours in our childbirth education class. Sure it was informative but I feel like the teacher could have shaved off at least 2 hours (cmon, I don’t need to watch 6 different birthing videos in one day). The most astonishing revelation? No, not the fact that a human being will somehow have to exit my body. Or the fact that after you leave the hospital, you take home a living, breathing souvenir. My surprising revelation is that breathing is hard, y’all! Practicing various breathing techniques requires a lot of concentration, thinking (and air). I think hyperventilation might be a real cause for concern for moi. I guess the only thing that will help bring me comfort (and oxygen) is the relaxation mental imagery I’m planning – a meadow full of chubby, fluffy golden retriever puppies frolicking among the flowers. Ahh, I’m already calm typing about it.

Speaking of my retriever relaxation technique, I’ll leave you with a photo to put u in the holiday spirit! And remember, hee hee hee hoo!

This guy (and his Gingerbread man) wish you a happy holiday season!


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Raising awareness about golden retrievers one puppy at a time!

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