Mother Nature is one crazy biznatch!

Hiyah, howrya?!

So I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I had a near-death/heroic moment this morning that I must share with my tens of tens of readers πŸ™‚ So I was leaving my neighborhood this morning off to the office (being the dutiful employee I am) and was just turning left off my street as I always do. As I finished the turn I noticed that a huge tree (very common here in Atlanta) was tottering and all of a sudden fell forward, right in my direction. Now a falling tree can be dangerous enough, but then when I hit my brakes, I saw the tree hit the power lines that were standing right below it. The next thing I see, and these are the only words I can find to describe, was a blue fireball that erupted from the power lines. I quickly threw my car in reverse, drove out of the way and witnesses as what I call Armageddon of North Shallowford Road! My little Baby Goonie/Baby Preis/Tummy Baby held on tight as I did some NASCAR-type driving to avoid the entire area.

Since I was the only one around at that moment, I dialed 911 and reported the accident and possible downed live wire. I offered all my contact info because I wanted to be a hero for my Huntley Hills neighborhood. I then reported the event to Georgia Power, where I must say, the woman on the phone didn’t seem too concerned. I mean, cmon, I was screaming that “I’m trying to save the day, get your trucks out here”. I stayed out there long enough (don’t worry, far enough that I wouldn’t be hurt by anything) to see firetrucks and like 6 cop cars manage the situation.

I’m not sure what it feels like to be Superman or Batman, but perhaps my new moniker can be Pregnantwoman because I totally did my civic duty and saved our neighborhood. Who knows how many future generations I’ve helped with my quick thinking and action?! I can’t wait for the Mayor to give me a key to the city and have a kosher sandwich named after me at the local restaurants! It must be hard for superheroes not to get egotistical after saving mankind … which I totally did! πŸ™‚

It's tiring being a superhero!


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3 responses to “Mother Nature is one crazy biznatch!

  1. Corri Gottesman

    Sounds like a adrenaline-rushing event that calls for super-heroine… you saved the day! Congratulations on behalf of your family. You are hereby given the Sokosfsky-Becker-Komito award for quick, decisive, life-saving action! Congratulations Pregnantwoman!

  2. JEn Jen

    HAHAHAHA_ Can i make you a cape?

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