The road is my oyster…

Hiyah, howrya?!

Okay,  in the spirit of this blog (and “kvelling” about life), I have some very good news that I have to share. Yesterday, I picked up the mail and among the bills, I saw a white envelope from Honda with red font. As most people who receive bills (which I’m assuming are most people), my anger and anxiety started to bubble up as I dreaded the contents of this envelope. I didn’t think I was overdue with my car, but you never who’s about to gouge your last penny.

As I nervously opened the envelope, I saw an unfamiliar document that looked very official. Could they want even MORE money? Was there a recall on Civic brake pedals? Did Honda finally figure out I have no idea how my car actually works and that I probably don’t deserve a car?! To my utter relief and sheer delight, they sent me the title to my car. That’s right, I finally paid off my car!! To those of you who may be accustomed to paying upfront for fancy purchases or never worry about your checking account, this might not be as interesting. But to those of you who dutifully make monthly payments for what seems like a fruitless endeavor, you can understand the utter joy I felt upon opening this envelope. I haven’t felt that proud of myself in quite some time — I never relied on anyone but myself with that car. Never had anyone give me a dime for the down payment, monthly payment or maintenance/emissions/registration costs. This car simply is a product of my own hard work and responsibility.

This was taken the day I bought my Civic and drove it off the lot 4 years ago. I sure look happy!

Sure, it’s just a car (and as I mentioned earlier, I  can’t even remotely grasp how this piece of machinery actually works) but it represents follow-through, the circle of life if you will (haha, perhaps getting a little too deep for the Kvell blog). I’ve just never paid off anything in my life, started something years earlier and totally completed it. What an amazing feeling! I hope anyone stressing over monthly payments and cussing every time that bill due date approaches will get to know this sensation — it’s pretty effing fantastic!

Next thing to cross off my payment list: My damn student loan. Look for that post when I’m ready to retire 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a very happy, healthy 2012!


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2 responses to “The road is my oyster…

  1. Corri Gottesman

    congratulations, Melanie on paying off your car! Nice to go into motherhood with one significant thing paid off!

  2. matt preis

    love the post. I remember taking that photo. So proud of you. great piece.

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