Pregnancy is one crazy trip

Hiyah, howrya?!

This isn’t going to be a long post but can I just say how insane pregnancy is?! Sure, I’ve been dealing with back pain for the last few months. Sure, I’ve developed a steady burning/stinging sensation in my upper abdomen in the last few (which I’m told “is just pregnancy” and “can’t do anything about it until delivery”). Sure, I’ve gotten a few UTIs which are bothersome but manageable. But now I’m told I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome as a side effect/symptom/punishment! Are you kidding me?! So the shooting pain I’ve been feeling in my right middle knuckle is magically related to the human growing inside me?! THAT’S INSANE.

I’m not sure what else awaits me on this crazy ride they call pregnancy … I mean, besides a baby, but I guess I officially have to give up all control of my body and just go with the flow. And perhapsĀ  stop gripping my computer mouse so tightly.


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One response to “Pregnancy is one crazy trip

  1. Corri Gottesman

    Thinking of you.

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