Email: WTF?!

What up, Abigail?! How’s life? Does it get boring in the toy bin when I’m off at work? Sorry about that.

I’m writing you this email from my work station (some people call it my activity center). Things have been cray-cray here. I hit the four-month mark with the company and you would think my bosses would cut me some slack, but theyre still on my back (as usual). The good thing is that I’m totally becoming more vocal so I’m not gonna just sit back and let them make unfair demands of me.

Let’s see, what else. Robbie the Rabbit has been getting on my nerves but don’t say anything (you know him, he’s so sensitive). Also, WTF — they have like no good teething toys here. Mom has literally shoved her finger in my mouth and I’m all “uh, is that even sanitary?!” I don’t know who these people think they are. But I gotta admit, I’m pretty happy here. And I heard they’re gonna start teaching sign language at the next professional development class (so that’s cool).

Abby, please delete this email after you’ve read it — I think Mom and Dad have begun monitoring our online activity. Can’t wait to hang out soon and maybe go for happy hour (around 3:30ish) with the panda twins, Leonard the Lamb, possibly Robbie, and the rest of the gang).

I’m out!



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One response to “Email: WTF?!

  1. Aaaaaaahahahahahahaha! That picture! SHE’S TYPING!

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