Memo: Nocturnal compliance

Dear Ms. Preis,
While we appreciate your energy and enthusiasm during the work day, we must insist that this behavior decrease at night. We understand everyone has bad days and likes to complain (especially when simultaneously dealing with tonsillitis and teething and diaper rash). However, that doesn’t mean notify the entire company (specifically management) of these issues at all hours of the night. This behavior creates a vicious cycle that triggers exhaustion, which leads to poor health, which leads to aforementioned ailments (although the teething issue happens to everyone as they enter the real world), which leads to exhaustion….

We know you have a lot on your plate. We just ask that you try to relax at night and refrain from the hair-raising screams at 2:30am. And also, please take advantage of the various teething resources management has provided. The company shelled out a significant amount of money in the hopes that at least one would provide you some sort of relief.

The management (aka mom and dad)



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