Memo: Summer hours

Dear Ms. Preis,
Every summer, we send the same type of memo around to our employees in regards to the slight change in structure around the office. Since Memorial Day weekend is the start of summer at this company, we’d like to go over some “rules.”

1. Skin is in. As your coworker Archie the dog can attest, our dress code becomes slightly more lenient during these hotter months. Feel free to wear tasteful, appropriate outfits that show a bit more skin. Archie usually gets his summer haircut around this time and will agree the removal of some layers of clothing, or fur, is a necessary requirement here in the deep south.


2. Trip time. We’re much more lenient when it comes to PTO/vacation during the summer months. We know you have family in AZ, CA, LA, MA and in other parts of the country. As long as you send in your request, we’re more than happy to work with your schedule so you can attend any wedding, graduation, beach trip or even a proposal!

3. The great outdoors. As long as you get your work done, feel free to spend a little more time outside. Take a break, grab a cup of juice and unwind on the property. One caveat: If you do choose to go outside, please bring your coworker Archie with you.


Let’s have a great summer!

The management (aka mom and dad)


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