Memo: Summer recap

Dear Ms. Preis,
We apologize for the lack of communication over these last few months. As you may have guessed, summer is a crazy time for the company and schedules are difficult to maintain.

We’ve checked in with our HR department (aka mommy) and have assessed your PTO hours. We were startled to see the breadth and scope of the personal time you’ve taken this summer. Let us be clear — all your days were approved so have no fears about that. We like to have an open dialogue with all of our employees and wanted to take a few moments to recap your travels and regroup before work starts up again in a few weeks.

June: Beach retreat
We believe the beach retreat was a huge success! Thank you for your interest in joining team-building activities and having an open mind with our scheduled meetings. We hope you enjoyed spending time with some of our satellite employees and founding board members (Grammy and G). We know some of our activities, including those planned for the Fourth of July, had to be tweaked due to weather so your patience was definitely appreciated.

Our staff photographer took many photos to include in our quarterly newsletter, so here are a few for your review:



July: Coworker events
Our company prides itself on a strong work ethic, but we also understand that having an active social life makes enthusiastic, enjoyable employees. That being said, we were excited to close the company doors for a few days to celebrate the wedding of a few friends of the organization. By having our office change locations to New Orleans, we hope you were able to get a taste of how other companies work.

Things in New Orleans were definitely more laid back than at home base, and we must admit, the food is a step up than what can be found in our on-site cafeteria (I.e. mommy in the kitchen). For example, we were happy to see that you tried your first beignet in the Big Easy.

Again, we’ve enclosed a few photos of the trip. As a suggestion to strengthen communication between our partners, please thank the hosts of that weekend for their generosity and kindness.




August: Tahoe convention
Our local office packed up and headed to beautiful Lake Tahoe for the national convention honoring a founding partner, Papa. Travel and transportation didn’t go as smoothly as we planned, but we recognize your efforts in keeping with the scheduled program (even with a 3-hour time change and many connecting flights).

Our west coast partners and those traveling from Boston were all excited to see you and remark how your promotion to Toddler was drastically obvious. Congratulations on impressing the entire group, including matriarch Nana. We hope you enjoyed the exciting team-building activities, like taking a ride aboard a gigantic ship, soaring to the top of a mountain in a gondola, taking a dip in the hot tub, and watching the partners compete in a nail-biting race (Nana sends her apologies for ignoring you during the chaos to finish first).

You met friends along the way, ate more cereal than our cafeteria has ever served and got more praise than we ever thought possible. In short, a very successful trip! Please take a look at the photos and see what we mean.





Congratulations on a successful summer! Now let’s make sure we buckle down and get ready for the hustle and bustle that fall always brings.

The management (aka mom and dad)


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    I loved your newsletter and pics. I especially love the boa pic!

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