Memo: Personnel changes

Dear Ms. Preis and Mr. Archie,
We apologize for our lack of communication this fall. As you may have noticed within the home office, some major changes have begun. Although Archie may remember similar changes about two years ago, this is a new sight for you Ms. Preis.

We want to keep the lines of communication open so we would like to offer a heads up that there will be some personnel changes happening in the next few weeks. Please do not panic — you and Archie are not going anywhere. However, we will be adding more staff to the organization.


Ms. Preis, we want to make you feel comfortable in your place within the organization. Not only are we excited with the work you’ve been producing (using sentences, counting to 10, identifying colors and animals, etc), were very impressed. Your immediate supervisors (aka nursery school teachers) even recommended skipping classes based on your excellent abilities. We’d like to reward your stupendous achievements with an additional title, “Big Sister.”

You’ll be tasked with the training, observation and overall happiness of our newest employee set to start early December (keep in mind her start date may be pushed up earlier depending on outside factors). She will just be starting out as an intern and will need a lot of guidance (and burp cloths), but as you may remember, that was the path you took here and look how far you’ve come:


Management will do our best to keep things as normal as possible, but obviously a new employee does mean change. We believe you and Archie will be able to maintain a high degree of normalcy due to the arrival of our senior partners (aka Grammy and Nana) in a few weeks. Just remember that we will do our best to keep everyone’s spirits up but there may be a few growing pains along the way.

Finally, as the holidays approach and the year wraps up (and before the young intern arrives), lets go over your goals for next year:
Mastering waste management (potty training)
Responding to changes in overnight shifts (move from crib to bed)
Taking required breaks (avoid time-out freaks outs)

We love your enthusiasm, dedication and overall positivity and hope you instill these traits in the new intern (we apologize for not releasing her name yet). Keep up the good work!

The management (aka mom and dad)


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2 responses to “Memo: Personnel changes

  1. Sue Clark

    this is GREAT

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