Memo: New addition

Dear Ms. J. Preis,
As you have certainly noticed, we have added new personnel to the staff. Our new intern, Sadie, has been hard at work adjusting to her work schedule, meeting the extended company partners (Nana, Grammie) and getting adjusted to her new work life.

Though her cubicle/nursery is much larger than her previous work space/womb, she’s aware that her presence is also a transition for you, too. Here are some helpful tips management would like to share with you as you adjust to life with your new co-worker:
1. Sharing is caring. Please pass along any company accessories/supplies to the new intern if you are no longer using these items. The list can include rattles, onesies, pacis, etc.

2. Management values you.Though it may seem that all our time is being spent training Ms. Sadie, we are very aware of all the hard work you’ve been putting into the company. For example, were impressed with your new abilities of stringing sentences together now and your effort to say “please” and “thank you.”

3. Set the example.You are now a toddler, which is part of upper staff/big sisterhood. We look to you to make good choices, think of creative solutions and be a general help to management. We thank you in advance for helping with Ms. Sadie’s diapers, bottles and nursery cleanup. Expect a large bonus (sounds like “telmo”) at the end of this quarter.

4. Ask for help. When all else fails, turn to fellow senior staff member Archie Preis for assistance. This values employee has gone through the upheaval of personnel changes twice and knows how to handle the transition.

We appreciate your patience and hope you’ll be able to adjust soon. Please remember that management couldn’t run this company without you and couldn’t imagine a world without you on our roster.

Management (aka mom and dad)


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