Memo: End of Summer expectations

Dear Preis employees,

We’re glad to hear that you two (along with your co-worker Archie) are having such an enjoyable time this Summer. Please keep in mind that throughout all your travels and adventures, there is a job to be had — more notably, excelling in this organization.

So what does “excelling” mean to us, your managers? In a nutshell, “excelling” includes  but is not limited to:

– Potty training (our incentive program (candy, late bedtime, TV, anything you want) seems more than fair so please get involved Ms. J)

-Pulling up/Standing (you’ve already begun the process so kudos Ms. S)

-Sleeping in a “big girl’s bed” (congrats Ms. J)

-Eating lumpier, solid-ier foods (Ms. S, that means you may NOT choke on said items or we can NOT cross it off the to-do list)

By the end of summer, we expect you two to complete all the above-mentioned items (especially No. 1, Ms. J).

On a lighter note, we’d like to share our thanks with the two of you on your outstanding work and abilities to handle all the change coming to the organization. Change is never easy to bare but you two are doing an amazing job, and we’d like to take a moment to spotlight your ability to roll with the punches:

Corporate retreat on the beach

Corporate retreat on the beach

Corporate trust fall

Corporate trust fall

Stress management techniques

Stress management techniques

Thanks for all your work this summer — management notices this behavior and it will be rewarded!


Management (aka mom and dad)


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