Memo: HQ Relocation

Dear Preis girls,
Obviously you have figured out that our headquarters have been officially relocated. We apologize for not sending out a formal memo sooner but we hoped you sensed the big change with all the moving boxes peppering the hallways.

We know some of you new employees (I.e. Sadie and Jilly) might not have a huge problem readjusting in a new “office.” However some of our senior staff (Archie) and managers (mom and dad) have felt moving pain on a much more emotional level, and it is these workers we’d like to address:

Let us take a minute to pay homage to our great former headquarters. It was not showy or decrepit — just warm, lively and always welcoming. It was our first “office” and is the place where we went from 2 apprehensive workers to a staff of 5. A place to spend the holidays, survive terrible weather events, celebrate milestone anniversaries and grow closer as a unit. The building may belong to new owners but it will always remain the place where this tight-knit company got its start.

Here’s to you old girl:

20140915-001856.jpgArchie at “Water Wednesday”

20140915-002447.jpgBreakfast meeting

20140915-002606.jpgMirror Mondays

Thank you HQ (“house quaint”) — we already miss you dearly and hope you will bring another start-up company as much love and luck as you gave to us.

Management (aka mom and dad)


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