Memo: Temporary office shutdown

Dear Preis employees,

What can we say? There is no excuse for our lack of communication over these past few months. We can only blame the terrible winter and the amazing start of spring for our terrible absence of emails. We’ve had many big milestones and events happen since December so let’s recap some of the highlights.

Ms. J celebrates her 3-year anniversary with the company (and on Earth)

We can’t believe you have been a valued employee of this company (and the world) for 3 years already! Since your most recent anniversary/birthday, you’ve gone on to be a valued member of the Phonics Committee (keep sounding out those words and letters), you are a waste management master, you made use of your dental insurance with your first cleaning, you walked nearly the entire race to raise money for a good cause and helped in our philanthropic department, you took advantage of our work-life balance activities (soccer, dance), visited our satellite offices across the country to discuss important issues with senior management (aka Nana and Papa and Grammy and G) and had meetings with your fellow colleagues at surrounding companies (i.e. you had lots of playdates). We pat ourselves on the back for hiring you that faithful day in 2012.

Work-Life Balance training session


Summer Fridays in full effect


Management team building — trust hug


Team bonding day over strawberries


Ms. S,

Congratulations on hitting many of the goals we set out for you during evaluation time. You are walking the halls of the company with pride — dare we say, close to running these halls?! Though we want all our team members to be as mobile as possible, we’ve noticed you’ve now begin climbing over your office furniture and jumping off chairs. Please keep in mind that we do have Aflac, worker’s comp is reserved for accidents — not inter office parkour.

You’ve also begun to talk up a storm — though sometimes the words may sound like babbles, we sincerely appreciate your contributions to our meetings. We can’t forgive out how “no,” “mine,” “book,” “Apple” or “outside” sometimes fit into the subject at hand, but we love the effort. 

And most happily, we’ve spotted that you and your coworker have joined forces to work on some big accounts. It’s great seeing the team really gel so thank you! 


Summer Fridays in full effect


Working with our D.C. office


Insuring quality at our on-site dining facility.

Thank you for being such fabulous employees! We have many fun and exciting events planned this summer, so please keep hitting your benchmarks and impressing our staff as well as the staff at surrounding companies.

Management (aka Mom and Dad)


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